Our beginnings

Everybody wants to look good, to look their best. But have you ever noticed how some guys seem to look more put together than the rest of us?

Ever notice that usually the guys that look their best look as though they haven't tried too hard to look that way?

It's probably because they haven't. It's probably because they managed to look good without going overboard. Because they show that they keep a perspective about their looks and that they haven't tried too hard.

Keeping a perspective about your looks and, for that matter, your life, helps make you appear more centred and at ease with yourself and your environment. That approach, that perspective, always helps you look better than the rest of us.

That's why eshu is eshu. It means perspective. It's about simple, easy and effective skincare that doesn't make you work too hard with difficult regimes or making you preen in the mirror. It doesn't over complicate looking good because that's no way to look your best.