Welcome to eshu

When we started eshu our idea was simple. We knew that if we could create a range of skin care products designed for Australia's harsh environment, it would work anywhere in the world. We knew if we could take the soothing properties of proven, local ingredients, ones that have been used for thousands of years and spoke in no nonsense terms to men that we would be onto something special.

eshu is designed for the Australian climate and if can keep men's skin looking great under our harsh conditions it can pretty much handle any environment on the planet.

eshu is designed and made entirely in Australia, where the driest continent on earth takes its toll on men's skin. Where a no nonsense attitude is a way of life. Where men want skin care products that are simple and effective but without complicated explanations or difficult regimes to follow.

But we knew we couldn't just produce a great quality product.

So we wrapped our products up in stylish yet functional packaging that ensures no product wastage and reflects the contemporary nature of our range. The unique design of our moisturiser and face wash bottles allows them to be stored on their elbow as they become empty, ensuring you get the benefit of every last drop of product prior to throwing away the recyclable packaging.

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